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Do Small Businesses Need an Online Booking System?

Do small businesses need an online booking system

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Do Small Businesses Need an Online Booking System?

Generally, most small businesses would benefit from using an online booking system but it depends on the industry and the average turnover rate of the business.

Online booking systems are a game-changer for businesses with higher turnover, which essentially means more customers in a set time period and frequent visits.

Take restaurants, for example, as they serve hundreds nightly and can really use a system to keep up with the high demand and provide a better customer experience.

However, for consulting firms with just a few long-term clients, the impact is less noticeable.

Dentists, though, are perfect for online bookings. They can set up a series of appointments in one go, making things smoother for the business and its customers.

Plus, an online booking system is great for offering deals on multiple appointments, which can boost sales and fill up the calendars. It’s a smart strategy that works well for any business with repeat visits, much like personal trainers or clinics.

Advantages of an Online Booking System for Small Businesses

Ease of Scalability

An online booking system offers small businesses the crucial advantage of scalability.

Think of it like future-proofing: you may not need it today, but as your business expands—serving more customers or branching into new locations—you’ll be glad it’s there.

Implementing it early sets a solid foundation, streamlining the scaling process down the line.

The right software adapts to your growth, able to offer key features like managing bookings across multiple locations, optimizing calendars automatically, and sending out reminders – which are incredibly useful for small businesses looking to expand.

Booking Systems Can Help Save on Cost & Manpower

Online booking systems offer significant cost and manpower savings. The repetitive nature of administrative tasks can lead to things like workplace boredom, decreased morale, and human errors.

A robust online booking system can help with these challenges, and reduce costs for small businesses.

By being able to automate administrative processes, you can allocate resources towards staff upskilling or investment in high-return departments like marketing and operations.

As we mentioned, as your businesses expand, online booking systems can scale with you seamlessly, eliminating the need to hire additional administrative staff.

This scalability makes sure that businesses can accommodate growth without incurring significant overhead costs or operational disruptions.

Reduction in No-Shows

One of the biggest advantages that an online booking system can bring to any small business is the reduction of no-shows. No-shows, on average, cost businesses around $150 Billion Per Year, which is no small amount considering small businesses usually only make an average of around $70,000 per year.

Yes, manual phone calls might be a solution, but with spam calls on the rise, Americans ignore on average about 337 phone calls per year. This makes contacting your customers to remind them about appointments a lot more difficult.

An online booking system can be set up on different platforms and channels to send reminders automatically, without you needing to worry.

Email and text messaging are the default, but did you know there are options like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Chat, and more that you can utilize?

Moreover, you can also customize communication frequency and timing automatically.

For instance, you can schedule two reminders for customers: one 24 hours before the appointment and another 1 hour before the scheduled time, ensuring timely and effective communication for every appointment!

Data from a Booking System Do Wonders

Implementing an online booking system offers insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to refine and personalize their marketing efforts.

For instance, if you find out that younger customers like to book appointments late at night.

As a result, you can strategically allocate resources to late-night online advertising, potentially enhancing conversion rates and getting more bookings among younger demographics at a reduced cost.

Not to mention, you could also streamline your entire booking process using this data, which you won’t be able to do with manual phone calls.

For example, suppose you operate a salon and notice customers struggling with the types of services.

For example, if customers find it challenging to understand the differences between a digital perm and a cold perm, you can combine them under a single category like “perm” to make everything more user-friendly in the booking process.

Connection to Other Tools & Platforms

Most web-based booking software offers seamless integration with various tools and platforms that can enhance your overall business operations.

These integrations can include email marketing platforms, CRM systems, loyalty programs, and even stock management software, depending on your business needs and industry requirements.

Of all these integrations, CRM stands out as particularly vital. A CRM enables businesses to gain comprehensive insights into customer interactions, pinpoint areas for improvement, and optimize customer relationships effectively.

Moreover, linking a loyalty program to the booking software allows businesses to analyze member behavior, identify dormant members, and recognize the most loyal customers.

This data-driven approach empowers businesses to refine their loyalty strategies, tailor rewards, and foster stronger connections with their customer base.

Easy Cross-Selling & Upselling Opportunities

An online booking system can boost your revenue per customer without relying on aggressive upselling tactics from staff.

You can effortlessly run promotions like “Buy One Get One Free” or implement a tiered reward system to naturally encourage customers to spend more.

Additionally, you can offer add-on options during the final confirmation to cross-sell different services and create attractive bundles for customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and appointments!

This works particularly well for straightforward industries like salons or spas. It’s easy to suggest pairing a haircut with a scalp massage or perhaps offering a manicure alongside a pedicure.

Are There Any Cons of Using an Online Booking System?

Some Providers Charge Unreasonably High Prices

Many small businesses shy away from online booking systems due to their perceived high costs, which might be why you’re reading this article.

While many solutions offer a plethora of features with a hefty price tag, most of these features aren’t necessary for small businesses, at least not yet.

This can make investing in such software seem impractical, at least at an earlier stage. That’s where Click2Book comes in.

Our system is simple and flexible, and you only pay for the features you actually use. Plus, our model ensures that you can customize and add features as your business grows, making it a smart investment for the future.

With Click2Book, managing bookings becomes efficient and cost-effective without breaking the bank.

Small Business Owners Might Not Get Enough Support

Another drawback of using certain booking systems is their lack of comprehensive support. Many providers offer only standard ticket submission, a basic manual, and sometimes a training video, if you’re lucky.

At KlikNRoll, we recognize this issue and understand that not everyone has a tech background. That’s why we’ve anticipated the challenges business owners may face and have tailored our support accordingly.

We provide a wide range of resources, including tutorial videos, comprehensive support, a knowledge base on our website, and a dedicated account manager to assist you with any issues.

Additionally, our 24-hour ticketing support ensures that you can reach out for assistance anytime you need it, whether it’s requesting a new feature, adjusting parameters, reporting results, or simply asking important questions.

We’re committed to offering the best support possible for small business owners!

Certain Companies Don’t Give Customization & Flexibility

Some booking system providers restrict small business owners, offering limited customization and flexibility.

Despite not needing all the features, small businesses often pay the same price. Additionally, these providers enforce the use of their platform and domain, limiting customization options like adding logos or branding elements.

At KlikNRoll, we’re different. We empower you to incorporate your branding and pay only for the features you use.

This flexibility is crucial for maintaining your brand identity and loyalty strategy. As your business grows, you can easily scale up by adding more features, ensuring you stand out in the market.

What Do Small Businesses Need to Consider When Choosing an Online Booking System?

When choosing an online booking system, small businesses need to consider several key factors, which include:

  • Flexibility to Fit Any Industry: Many booking systems are industry-specific, and might not be fully flexible, which could be an issue for industries that need special features, like maybe a consultation feature before the appointment, or maybe a field where customers can include medical records for clinics.
  • Access to Data: Access to data is crucial for any small business when selecting a platform. It’s the key to enhancing offerings and making informed decisions. While web-based booking systems typically offer data access, app-based platforms often have stricter rules. However, with Click2Book, we not only provide access to your data but also ensure complete privacy and safety.
  • Flexibility at an Affordable Price: Many options on the market are either affordable but limited or flexible but pricey. At KlikNRoll, we aim to change that. We offer all the essential features you need, with the flexibility to add custom features as you grow. Plus, you only pay for the features you actually use.


In summary, small businesses stand to gain significantly from adopting online booking systems, particularly in industries with high turnover rates like restaurants and dentistry.

Systems like our very own Click2Book platform offer scalability, cost-saving automation, and insights from customer data to enhance services and marketing strategies.

Last Updated by June 21, 2024
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