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How to Get More Online Bookings & Grow Your Business

Guide on How to Get More Online Bookings and Business Growth

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend more to get more online bookings – believe it or not.

Lots of businesses find themselves trapped in a cycle of pouring money into online ads without pausing to think about refining their process flow, enhancing user experience, and boosting their booking system’s conversion rate.

By focusing on these areas, businesses can naturally increase their bookings without breaking the bank. Let’s discuss how to do that in this article!

7 Great Tips to Get More Online Bookings & Get More Customers

Use Best Practices for Your Booking Link & Make It Easily-Accessible

Optimizing your booking link is important to increase your online bookings. Many businesses use shortened links for tracking, but ensuring these links inspire trust is essential.

Lengthy, confusing links can scare users, potentially leading to lower ad conversion rates. Here are some simple tips to improve your booking link:

  • Keep your website’s main address visible in the link (top-level domain).
  • Make the link clear and meaningful, avoiding random characters. For example, use “”, instead of “”.
  • Mention in your marketing materials that users can book using the provided link.

Additionally, consider using a QR code to include your booking link in offline marketing materials, like flyers or banners.

This makes it easy for people to access your booking page without making a phone call right away.

Following these practices can help build trust, improve conversion rates, and bridge the gap between your online and offline marketing efforts.

Improve Website Traffic Quality & Focus on Middle to Bottom Funnel Users

Boosting the quality of your website traffic, whether through organic or paid methods, is a smart way to increase bookings without stretching your resources thin.

While social media ads may seem enticing, the leads they generate often lack the strong intent found in search engine ads.

Users who turn to search engines are already at the end of their customer journey and are looking to make a booking or purchase; they just need to find the right business to meet their needs.

Consequently, traffic from search engines tends to result in higher conversion or booking rates.

On the other hand, social media users are often in the early stages of the buying process (top and mid-funnel), and may not be ready to commit to a booking immediately.

Shifting your marketing focus toward search engine ads can therefore lead to better-quality traffic.

Additionally, improving your website’s SEO and Google Business Profile can also work wonders.

By providing relevant information and answers to common questions about your services, such as pricing and service details, through website content and blogs, you can attract and convert more high-intent visitors into bookings.

Collect & Analyze Booking Software Data

To boost the number of appointments booked online for your business, it’s essential to ensure your booking system is top-notch. Start by gathering relevant data to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Here’s a breakdown of key metrics to assess your platform’s performance:

  • Average Engagement Time: Aim for an average engagement time of 60 to 90 seconds. This sweet spot indicates that users are sufficiently engaged without encountering frustration or confusion. A shorter duration may suggest a lack of interest, while a longer one could signal usability issues.
  • Conversion Rate: This percentage reflects the proportion of visitors who successfully complete a booking. A healthy conversion rate falls within the range of 5 to 10%, indicating effective user experience and marketing efforts.
  • Average Booking Value: This metric reveals the average revenue generated per booking. Understanding this figure helps identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional services or products.
  • Dropoff Point: Identify areas in the booking process where users encounter obstacles or abandon the process. Heatmapping tools can pinpoint these spots, allowing you to address issues and streamline the booking journey for improved conversion rates. 

Check out our article on online booking data analytics to get to know the other metrics and how you can collect them!

Tweak & Improve the Booking System Conversion Rate

Once you’ve gathered data, the next step is to address any issues to increase bookings per visitor (conversion rate). What changes you make will depend on your specific data findings.

For instance, if customers are spending too much time on your booking system without completing bookings, consider simplifying the process by reducing the number of pages and steps required, while also improving navigation with page numbers.

If there’s a particular page where users spend a long time at, it may need a redesign. Similarly, if customers struggle with the pricing or services page, you could try making adjustments to encourage more bookings.

Remember, every booking system and industry is unique, so analyze your own data to determine necessary changes. Additionally, improving your booking system is an ongoing process, not a one-time fix.

Plan to revisit and update your system every 3 to 6 months to make sure it remains aligned with current trends and customer behavior.

Build Loyalty & Rely Less on New Customers

To boost your bookings in the long run, focus on building loyalty among your customers.

This means you’ll rely less on constantly attracting new customers and instead nurture repeat bookings from your loyal base.

This approach offers several benefits. Loyal customers tend to spend more and are more open to promotions and upsells.

For businesses like lawn care, salons, or spas, where repeat appointments are common, this strategy works particularly well.

You can even offer discounted packages for multiple appointments, encouraging customers to book ahead while securing future revenue for your business.

Ultimately, this approach leads to higher revenue and lower costs per booking, making it a good long-term investment for your business.

Create a Reputable Brand

No matter which marketing strategy or booking platform you use, building a strong brand for your business is the best way to attract more bookings.

This means ensuring that every aspect of your business reflects your brand values, from your website and social media presence to your booking system. Pay attention to details like your brand’s color scheme, design elements, fonts, and messaging tone.

Additionally, establishing yourself as an authority in your industry can boost your credibility and attract more customers.

You can consider joining relevant Facebook groups and engaging with the community by answering questions and sharing insights.

For instance, if you’re a plumber, you could participate in DIY plumbing groups to share knowledge, and build trust and credibility.

Leveraging social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram can also help you showcase your expertise to a larger audience.

By focusing on branding and establishing yourself as an industry expert, you can increase your bookings and expand your business’s reach effectively.

Include Social Proof/Online Reviews

Your next priority should be incorporating social proof across all your platforms—whether it’s your online booking software, social media profiles, Google Business Profile, or even your flyers.

Large companies do this consistently for good reason, especially on their landing pages. Take a look at the landing pages of Hubspot or Salesforce, for instance.

Humans naturally tend to trust the opinions of others, which is why word-of-mouth is so effective in marketing.

Social proof serves a similar purpose and has been shown to significantly boost customer conversion rates.

Simply by sharing online reviews on social media and integrating them into your booking system, you can naturally attract more bookings and increase conversions.

Consider leveraging before-and-after images, particularly effective for industries like salons and plastic surgery, to further enhance your credibility and attract potential customers.

Content Marketing Campaigns Go a Long Way

If you’re aiming for long-term growth, consider content marketing as a reliable strategy to increase online bookings.

While platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels are part of content marketing, your website’s blog can be a powerful tool for attracting high-quality traffic with strong booking intent.

By addressing some common questions and concerns through your blog, you can anticipate and meet the needs of potential customers.

Let’s say for this example, you run a lawn care business, think about the questions customers might have before booking a service, such as what’s included in a lawn care package, average costs in your area, service comparisons, and safety considerations regarding pesticide use.

By providing helpful answers to these questions, you not only broaden your website’s reach on search engines like Google but also boost the visibility of your landing pages.

This positions your brand as an authority in the industry, fostering trust among users and increasing the likelihood of turning them into loyal customers!


If you follow these steps correctly, you should see an increase in bookings – whether it’s through a better conversion rate, or better quality traffic. 

If you’re interested in something a little more, why not check out our online booking solution that takes the guesswork out of everything!


Last Updated by June 21, 2024
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