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OptiTable Alternative – OptiTable vs KlikNRoll

OptiTable vs KlikNRoll - OptiTable Alternative

Key Features - Benefits Comparison

Cloud-Based Solution & Low Setup Cost

What OptiTable Offers

OptiTable gives the ability to manage restaurant reservations and table inventory using their mobile app.

What Sets KlikNRoll Apart

KlikNRoll streamlines your reservation, table, and voucher management, integrating seamlessly with a CRM for data storage, all through a web app compatible with any device—mobile, computer, or tablet—without the hassle of downloading apps or experiencing lags and crashes.

Caller ID & Customer Segmentation

What OptiTable Offers

Searching up guest information and learning about their personal preference and visitation history.

What Sets KlikNRoll Apart

Online Booking System Benefits
Our Booking System allows you to segment to get detailed data.

KlikNRoll helps you nail down every customer detail to carve out ideal target groups for restaurants.

Dive deep and collect data like detailed preferences, and history like average dining duration, how big their tables are, their voucher redemption history, and more.

This goldmine of data is perfect for fine-tuning your social media campaigns, powering up a loyalty program, and increasing overall customer lifetime value, retention, and loyalty.

Data Analytics & Backend Report

What OptiTable Offers

Data collection like activity, demographics, spending patterns, and visit logs can be exported and downloaded.

What Sets KlikNRoll Apart

Online Booking System Data Reporting
Our system allows you to get access to your data effortlessly!

KlikNRoll crafts specialized data warehouses that streamline the collection and cleansing of data.

Whether it’s tracking engagement technology on your booking system, analyzing website metrics, or integrating data from offline sources and other platforms like your CRM, we’ve got it covered.

Plus, we’re excited to offer you a sneak peek at our features with a UI demo.

Promotion Technology

What OptiTable Offers

Optitable promotion features

OptiTable allows for 4 basic promotional modules that include default promotion, public promotion, private promotion, as well as referral promotion.

What Sets KlikNRoll Apart

Online Booking System Marketing and Promotion Features
Our promotion technology is next level, giving you multiple ways to boost your promotions!

KlikNRoll offers an extensive suite of promotional tools, covering everything from voucher management to early bird specials, giveaways, Buy 1 Free 1 deals, tiered discounts, and event-specific discounts.

Whatever promotional concept you have in mind, we’ve got the tech to provide and support it!

Referral Promotion System

What OptiTable Offers

Optitable referral marketing

An essential referral system that allows customers to refer their friends and family.

What Sets KlikNRoll Apart

Online Booking System Referral
Allow your customers to refer their friends and family, while you track customer engagement and referral sources.

KlikNRoll offers a robust referral setup where every customer gets a unique code on their receipt.

Plus, there’s a QR code that works with any phone – super easy to use for everyone.

You’re able to set the reward structure however you want, the combinations are endless with our system.

Online Deposit Booking & Payment

What OptiTable Offers

OptiTable online deposit and payment gateway

OptiTable uses third-party online payment gateways like AsiaPay, PayPal, and more to handle online booking deposits.

What Sets KlikNRoll Apart

Online Booking System Payment Gateway
We have our own payment gateway - PRIZM Pay, that allows for multiple payment methods!

KlikNRoll offers a comprehensive range of payment options through our in-house digital payment gateway, PRIZM Pay.

Developed by our parent company, PRIZM Pay provides competitive rates, extensive support, and a wealth of features.

It allows for seamless integration with your preferred payment methods.

Additionally, PRIZM Pay is a recognized partner for leading payment services, including Alipay, and WeChat Pay, among others.

Are We Compelling Enough for You?

If you think that we are a good OptiTable alternative, why not check out our online booking system product page to find out more? Hover over our solutions to navigate!

Last Updated by June 10, 2024
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