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Sino Group

Accelerating Success

The Digital Transformation of Gold Coast E-Commerce Store

The Result

800 +

Total successful transactions from the KlikNRoll system


Total successful Ecommerce campaigns created


Gold Coast Hotel faced challenges in their E-commerce business, including the need for a more user-friendly platform for customer orders and incorporating pick-up and delivery services. Manual record-keeping and varying charges led to errors and delivery issues. By implementing upgraded systems and improving transparency, they achieved significant progress in their E-commerce business, enhancing customer experience and revenue generation.


The Gold Coast Hotel, part of the Sino Group, faced challenges in E-commerce online business due to the lack of a user-friendly ordering platform. They needed to adapt their business model for customer bookings and in-store pickups, as offline records caused problems and errors. To overcome these obstacles, they aimed to upgrade their pick-up system and extend its implementation to different kinds of products.

The Solution

Implementation of the E-Commerce website builder (Click2Shop)

The online cake business was streamlined through the implementation of the KlikNRoll system, specifically for an E-Commerce provider like Click2Shop, offering customers a user-friendly interface to easily select products and choose pick-up dates, ultimately simplifying the order process and enhancing convenience.

With this system, the Gold Coast Hotel can enhance its management of product availability by implementing quotas in the backend system. Additionally, it can prevent pickup mistakes, particularly when dealing with multiple branches and restaurants. Customers will have the ability to input all necessary pickup information, which will be recorded in the backend system for the reference of the hotel's merchants.

Marketing Campaigns and Customer Engagement:

By leveraging the E-Commerce System (Click2Shop), Gold Coast Hotel launched marketing campaigns featuring discount and early bird offers, resulting in increased customer engagement, incentivized purchases, strengthened brand presence, and attraction of more customers.

Easy redemption process with Click2Redeem, digital voucher system:

A user-friendly QR code system allowed customers to easily redeem their purchases by scanning the QR code received via email. Both customers and restaurant staff could ensure seamless and error-free redemption and record-keeping, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a better overall experience.

Versatility for Different Products and Occasions:

Gold Coast Hotel successfully leveraged their adaptable business model and system, utilising it to sell mooncakes during the mooncake festival, showcasing the system's flexibility in handling diverse products and occasions, and capitalising on market opportunities to expand their revenue streams.

The successful campaigns demonstrate the flexibility of the E-Commerce online store (Click2Shop), indicating that the Gold Coast Hotel can consistently utilise this system to sell a variety of different or similar products on their ecommerce store.