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From Complexity to Simplicity

How Gold Coast Hotel Implemented a Centralised Reservation System

The Result

HKD 8000000 +

The highest revenue generated in a single campaign in 3 months

4800 +

The most table booking confirmation in a single campaign

85 %

Percentage of revenue generated by the dine-in campaign among all campaigns


Gold Coast Hotel encountered difficulties in their reservation process, leading to missed bookings, conflicts, and customer dissatisfaction. To address these issues, they adopted the KlikNRoll table reservation system: Click2Book, which improved the efficiency of their reservations, enhanced revenue generation, and elevated customer satisfaction. Centralised management, a user-friendly interface, and specialised event handling capabilities streamlined their operations. Additionally, the implementation of discount codes fostered customer loyalty and contributed to overall revenue growth.


Gold Coast Hotel faced challenges with their reservation process, including missed bookings, scheduling conflicts, and customer dissatisfaction due to a lack of standardisation. Managing real-time availability and handling booking modifications proved difficult, and coordinating reservations for large groups and special events presented additional challenges.

The Solution

Implementing KlikNRoll (Click2Book) system:

Gold Coast Hotel adopted the KlikNRoll restaurant reservation system: Click2Book, which allowed them to manage bookings and resolve issues related to double bookings and missed reservations. By setting daily seat availability/quota in the backend, the hotel effectively eliminated booking conflicts and maximise revenue by filling empty seats.

Centralised management for multiple restaurants:

The table booking system (Click2Book), enabled Gold Coast Hotel to manage several restaurants within the establishment. Each restaurant could have its own settings, including pricing, availability, and menu, thereby avoiding miscommunication and streamlining operations.

User-friendly interface for customers:

The intuitive interface of the restaurant booking system (Click2Book) allowed customers to easily select their desired date and restaurant for dining. This improved communication and reduced the likelihood of errors.

Restaurants have the ability to mark certain dates as unavailable in the backend system, which prevents customers from selecting those dates when they view the calendar.

Leveraging Click2Book for events:

Gold Coast Hotel utilised the online restaurant reservation system (Click2Book), to manage large groups and special events, such as Christmas. This feature allowed for efficient management of campaign settings, including booking start/end date and total capacity, ensuring a seamless dining experience for all guests.

Restaurants can provide customers with additional information about events, including dress codes and other details. This allows customers to have access to all the necessary information about the event and make reservations easily with just a few clicks, if they are interested.

Utilising discount codes:

Gold Coast Hotel provided discount codes to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue for specific campaigns, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and marketing effectiveness.