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The Murray Hong Kong

Standardising Operations and Enhancing Customer Experience

A Case Study of Niccolo Hotel's Integrated Solution for E-commerce, Events, Dining, and Hotel Services

The Result

HKD 2500000 +

Total revenue generated from KlikNRoll system

HKD 500000 +

Total revenue generated from 10 events

HKD 500000 +

Total revenue generated from the Restaurant Reservation System

200 +

Total transactions or bookings generated from the Restaurant Reservation System


Niccolo Hotel by The Murray Hong Kong effectively addressed operational challenges by deploying Click2Book, Click2Shop, and Click2Redeem solutions, streamlining processes, minimizing errors, and boosting revenue. The standardized redemption process and seamless online booking experiences led to significant revenue generation, demonstrating the success of these solutions in optimizing business operations for the hotel industry.


Niccolo Hotel by The Murray Hong Kong, a versatile establishment offering e-commerce, events, dining, and hotel services, confronted the formidable challenge of standardising and centralising their operations. They grappled with inefficiency, errors, and inconsistencies in managing multiple campaigns for each business model offline, resulting in issues like overbooking, redemption errors, and timing discrepancies.

The Solution

Streamlining Event Management with Click2Book:

The restaurant reservation system enables customers to easily access event details, make bookings and payments, while organisers and restaurants efficiently manage event availability, improving coordination and minimising miscommunication. The table reservation system offers flexibility to meet diverse event requirements and tailor experiences for customers.

Promotions and Hotel Booking:

The hotel easily shares promotions with customers via a link, improving marketing and attracting more bookings. Seamless integration with Click2Book, an online booking system streamlines the booking experience. The table booking system accommodates different business models (such as vouchers) within the hotel, meeting their specific needs.

Enhancing E-commerce Management with Click2Shop:

Customers are able to conveniently choose items like cakes and vouchers and select their preferred pick-up dates, resulting in improved convenience and enhanced customer satisfaction. The E-Commerce system also streamlines record-keeping processes, empowering the hotel to more effectively manage e-commerce orders.

Standardising Redemption Process with Click2Redeem:

Customers can effortlessly scan QR codes to redeem offers, minimising errors that may arise on the merchant’s side and ensuring a seamless redemption process. The system also generates precise records, simplifying redemption management and tracking for Niccolo Hotel. Despite having multiple business models, the hotel benefits from a standardised redemption process and method, making it easier to analyse and maintain comprehensive records.