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The Murray Hong Kong Event

Streamlining Event Operations and Enhancing Customer Experience

A New Approach to Event Operations for Unparalleled Customer Experiences

The Result

HKD 100215 +

Total revenue generated from KlikNRoll system


Number of Jazz shows completed successfully without errors or scheduling conflicts

200 +

Total transactions or bookings generated


This case study presents a successful example of event management by The Murray Hong Kong. They effectively addressed challenges associated with coordinating multiple Jazz Bands with different showtimes. By implementing solutions such as clear information on a dedicated webpage, simplified ticket purchasing, and more, The Murray achieved a smooth and error-free execution of the event.


The Murray Hong Kong faced the challenge of managing an event featuring multiple Jazz Bands with different showtimes. They needed to avoid scheduling conflicts, prevent customer confusion, simplify the purchasing process, and manage ticket availability effectively.

The Solution

Webpage for Clear Information:

The hotel created a dedicated web page with Click2Book listing the time and date for each Jazz Band's performance. Customers could refer to this webpage to select their preferred band and date, avoiding confusion and facilitating their purchasing decisions.

Simplified Purchasing Process:

With Click2Redeem, customers could easily purchase tickets through a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction experience.

Redemption Process with QR Codes:

Customers will receive a redemption email containing all the necessary details and a unique QR code. This allowed easy and efficient entry into the shows, eliminating manual ticket checks and minimising wait times. The voucher management system indeed simplified the redemption process which made everything easier for customers.

Ticket Availability Management:

By leveraging Click2Redeem's ticket availability management feature, The Murray Hong Kong avoided overselling by setting a maximum order per time slot. This ensured optimal audience capacity and prevented overcrowding.

Effortless Advertising:

By attaching a link to their social media, potential attendees could easily access the dedicated webpage for ticket purchase, expanding the event's reach and visibility. The campaign management system has provided significant assistance and delivered positive outcomes.