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MediLase's Successful Transformation

Leveraging CRM and Digital Tools to Thrive During the Pandemic

The Result

HKD 10000000 +

Total revenue generated from KlikNRoll system

1200 +

Total orders or transactions generated

HKD 1800000 +

Highest revenue for a single campaign


MediLase, a hair removal company, effectively navigated the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic by leveraging their CRM system and digital tools. Through strategic initiatives, they achieved increased customer engagement, revenue growth, and operational efficiency, demonstrating the importance of adapting to changing circumstances.


MediLase, a hair removal treatment provider, encountered several challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. They needed to transition their business online, effectively manage their operations, promote their services through digital marketing, and collect customer data to enhance engagement. Furthermore, they had to ensure customer interest and availability while adhering to social distancing measures. Overcoming these obstacles required strategic utilisation of their CRM system and digital tools.

The Solution

Data Collection and Segmentation

Through digital marketing campaigns, MediLase collected valuable data on customer preferences, enabling them to segment their customer base effectively. They developed campaigns such as offering free testing, allowing customers to register online and providing an opportunity to collect vital customer details for targeted engagement using the Click2Gift system. This strategy not only generated customer interest but also facilitated the collection of crucial data for future campaigns.

4-Week Targeted Campaign

MediLase's most successful CRM utilisation involved a four-week campaign via the E-Commerce store solution (Click2Shop), targeting different body parts of hair removal each week. This targeted digital campaign not only generated substantial revenue but also provided invaluable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. The campaign's success demonstrated the power of leveraging CRM data for effective targeting and revenue growth.

Boosting Confidence with Detailed Information:

Recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive treatment details to customers, MediLase utilised the online store solution (Click2Shop), to create a landing page that contained all the necessary information. This approach boosted customer confidence and promoted their services simultaneously, ensuring customers had access to detailed treatment information before making a purchase decision.

Optimising Redemption Process and Preventing Overbooking with Social Distancing in Mind:

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, MediLase introduced Click2Redeem, a discount management system aimed at adhering to social distancing protocols. Customers were able to conveniently redeem their purchases by presenting a confirmation email, which served as proof of purchase. By cross-referencing this information with their internal records, MediLase efficiently tracked purchases, effectively preventing overbooking and ensuring a secure and seamless experience. Additionally, customers received confirmation emails that facilitated a streamlined redemption process while maintaining social distancing measures.

Integrated CRM Data and Targeted Campaigns:

By leveraging the KlikNRoll system (Click2Shop), an E-Commerce platform, MediLase integrated their online and offline CRM data. This allowed them to effectively target their customers with tailored hair removal campaigns, utilising their past purchase history and preferences. The E-commerce solution (Click2Shop) served as a portal to engage customers based on their unique requirements, ensuring personalised communication and optimised campaign performance.