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Leslie Cheung 20th Anniversary Retro Commemorative Medal

'Brother' Fan Club Order Platform Campaign Management

The Result

HKD 1000000 +

Total revenue generated from the KlikNRoll system

1000 +

Total transactions generated


This case study focuses on the management of the "Leslie Cheung 20th Anniversary Retro Commemorative Medal - 'Brother' Fan Club Order Platform" campaign. LesFANmily faced the challenge of organising an event to sell commemorative medals online worldwide. They required a system that could effectively handle customer delivery information, convey detailed product descriptions, and facilitate accurate name input during checkout.


LesFANmily needed a system to manage their event, "Leslie Cheung 20th Anniversary Retro Commemorative Medal - 'Brother' Fan Club Order Platform." They aimed to sell the commemorative medal globally using a campaign business model. The challenges included accurately recording and managing customer delivery information, conveying detailed product descriptions, facilitating customer name input during checkout, and integrating a video into the campaign interface. Therefore, flexibility of a system was crucial.

The Solution

Clear Product Details and Customised Details Insertion:

The system enabled LesFANmily to provide customers with comprehensive product details. It also allowed customers to insert their information (Name, Membership etc) during the checkout process. This feature reduced the likelihood of misprints and additional costs associated with remaking medals.

Video Integration:

LesFANmily demonstrated the versatility of their platform by incorporating a video into their campaign interface using custom CSS code. This showcases the platform's adaptability and its ability to accommodate unique custom themes, such as CSS code.

Multilingual Support:

The E-Commerce store solution’s (Click2Shop) multilingual capabilities, including Chinese and English, ensured accurate and effective communication of information to customers worldwide.

Efficient Delivery Management:

LesFANmily utilised the online store solution (Click2Shop) to manage the campaign, allowing them to input delivery information, including charges based on different countries. This enabled clear communication to customers regarding delivery fees, enhancing their purchasing experience and minimising miscommunications.

Delivery Information Tracking:

The E-Commerce website builder (Click2Shop), also facilitated the tracking of customer-provided delivery information, ensuring accurate shipping and avoiding sending products to incorrect addresses. Customers were given the option to choose pickup as well.