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Tanglin Club and FILA's Winning Partnership

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In collaboration with Tanglin Club, FILA successfully organizes its inaugural Christmas Tennis Tournament with a focus on a streamlined registration process. Leveraging Click2Gift's efficiency, the partnership ensures precise event management, legal compliance, and optimal participant experience. The case study highlights FILA's commitment to seamless technology integration, contributing to the success of the tournament and reinforcing the effectiveness of their brand collaboration with Tanglin Club.


FILA recently announced their collaboration with the Tanglin Club for the FILA-sponsored Christmas Tennis Tournament. This marks a significant milestone for both entities as it signifies their inaugural partnership. FILA is keen on ensuring a seamless and traceable registration process for this event. Drawing from their valuable experience in the previous campaign (FILA x McLaren), the decision has been made to once again leverage Click2Gift for the management of this important occasion.

The Solution

Tournament Dynamics Control Through Click2Gift Registration:

Click2Gift's event registration form emerges as the key to FILA's precise management of the tennis tournament, providing a systematic approach to track and control participation rates. This ensures meticulous coordination of competition schedules and rounds for a seamlessly organized event.

Photography Permissions in Tennis Tournament:

In the context of FILA's tennis tournament, the registration process becomes a strategic tool for collecting photography permissions. This safeguard not only ensures legal compliance but also enriches the tournament experience by allowing the capture of participant images in FILA's apparel, minimizing privacy concerns.

Effortless Attendance at FILA's Tennis Tournament with QR Code Efficiency:

FILA optimizes attendance organization for the tennis tournament through QR Code scanning facilitated by Click2Gift. Participants receive QR Codes via email, streamlining registration without the need for detailed personal information. This efficient process simplifies attendance tracking for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Backend Records for Event Excellence:

FILA leverages comprehensive backend records to enhance the preparation and management of the tennis tournament. This centralized approach ensures the efficient coordination of tennis court arrangements and concurrent events, such as the best-dressed competition and children's clinic, contributing to the overall success of the tournament.

Social Media Promotion for FILA's Tennis Tournament:

The collaborative promotion of FILA's tennis tournament on social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, showcases a targeted approach. Integrating Click2Gift's participation links into their posts, FILA and Tanglin Club drive easy sign-ups and engagement directly through the provided links, simplifying the participant journey for an engaging tournament experience.