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FILA Singapore

FILA x McLaren

A Seamless Campaign Evolution

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FILA sought to expand its membership through a free giveaway campaign, but faced challenges with the on-site sign-up process, especially in offline stores. In response, FILA swiftly adopted Click2Gift's solution. The streamlined sign-up process, controlled free gifts distribution, and QR Code-based redemption improved the overall customer experience and member count. Efficient tracking by employees prevents abuse and facilitates accurate management of the growing membership base.


China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) aimed to organise the CMHK 5G Interactive Exhibition: Digital Lifestyle Tech Expo, an innovative technology event showcasing 5G advancements. With high expectations for attendee turnout, CMHK faced several challenges in managing event registration. They needed to send invitations to renowned tech personalities, individuals on the waiting list, and interested participants. Additionally, CMHK had to control the number of attendees to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations while ensuring accuracy in attendance tracking amidst a large crowd.

The Solution

Simplify Membership Sign-Up Process:

FILA adopted Click2Gift's features to enhance the membership sign-up process, implementing a user-friendly landing page that allows customers to easily register. The form captures essential information like email and phone numbers for future marketing efforts, with an option to provide marketing consent, preventing spam and ensuring compliance.

Controlled Free Gifts Distribution:

To manage the availability of free gifts, FILA implemented a maximum submission limit for the entire campaign. This proactive approach prevents the exhaustion of T-Shirt supplies, safeguarding the overall customer experience.

Seamless Gifts Redemption with QR Codes:

Upon sign-up, customers receive a QR Code via email or confirmation page. This code serves as a convenient means for T-Shirt redemption at designated branches. The process enhances customer convenience and ensures a smooth redemption experience.

Efficient Tracking and Prevention of Abuse:

Employees utilize QR Code scanning to distribute free T-Shirts to members. Immediate record-keeping helps monitor redemptions, preventing instances of double redemption or abuse of the free gift offer. This approach adds efficiency to the campaign's execution.

Optimized Data Handling:

FILA optimizes data handling by exporting information from Click2Gift's backend system and importing it into their current membership system. This process ensures accurate management and expansion of their membership base without the risk of data entry errors.