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China Mobile Hong Kong

Targeted Invitations and Controlled Attendance

CMHK's Click2Redeem Solution

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Explore how China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) overcame the challenges of organizing the CMHK 5G Interactive Exhibition: Digital Lifestyle Tech Expo. This case study showcases CMHK's innovative solutions for optimizing event registration and management. By implementing an advanced registration system, CMHK improved the invitation process, controlled attendance numbers, ensured data accuracy, and streamlined attendee tracking. These solutions empowered CMHK to create a seamless event experience and lay the groundwork for future engagement opportunities.


China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) aimed to organise the CMHK 5G Interactive Exhibition: Digital Lifestyle Tech Expo, an innovative technology event showcasing 5G advancements. With high expectations for attendee turnout, CMHK faced several challenges in managing event registration. They needed to send invitations to renowned tech personalities, individuals on the waiting list, and interested participants. Additionally, CMHK had to control the number of attendees to comply with COVID-19 safety regulations while ensuring accuracy in attendance tracking amidst a large crowd.

The Solution

Click2Redeem, a digital voucher system for Targeted Invitation Distribution:

CMHK implemented the voucher management system (Click2Redeem), enabling them to send registration links to their desired invitees before making them publicly available, similar to a simple google form. This allowed CMHK to prioritise inviting specific individuals while also offering the registration link to the general public. By utilising this system, CMHK enhanced their control over the invitation process and ensured that key stakeholders were included.

Limiting Submissions for Controlled Attendance

To avoid overcrowding, CMHK set a maximum number of submissions to control the total number of attendees. This measure helped them comply with COVID-19 safety regulations and maintain a manageable event environment. By limiting submissions, CMHK successfully balanced demand with capacity and provided a more enjoyable experience for attendees.

Managing Redundancy and Ensuring Accuracy

CMHK controlled the number of registrations per email address to prevent redundancy and maintain accuracy in attendee counts. This measure prevented individuals from submitting multiple registrations, resulting in a more precise estimate of attendance. By reducing duplicate registrations, CMHK streamlined their event planning and resource allocation.

Efficient Attendance Tracking and Record-Keeping

With the voucher management solution (Click2Redeem), CMHK simplified attendance tracking. When participants registered via the online submission form, their information was automatically recorded. Upon arrival at the event, attendees verified their registration through a confirmation email and backend record, allowing for smooth entry into the exhibition. This streamlined process minimised queues and improved the overall event experience.

Leveraging Attendee Data for Future Engagement

Through the E-Voucher system (Click2Redeem), CMHK collected valuable data on registered attendees. This data provided a foundation for post-event engagement strategies, enabling CMHK to retarget attendees with personalised messages such as event reminders or notifications for future events. By leveraging this attendee data, CMHK fostered ongoing relationships and nurtured a community of tech enthusiasts.