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BP International

Navigating Diversity

Operational Harmony at BP International

The Result

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BP International faced the challenge of harmonizing diverse businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and a cake shop, to improve operational efficiency and brand recognition. Our solution involved creating a Centralized Information Hub for seamless navigation and website integration, streamlining customer experiences across various offerings. This comprehensive approach not only optimized operations but also significantly elevated brand visibility and customer satisfaction across BP International's varied ventures.


BP International operates diverse businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and a cake shop, demanding a streamlined approach to operational efficiency. The challenge at hand is to devise a system that simplifies processes across these varied business domains while at the same time enhancing brand recognition and promotional outreach. Striking a balance between the intricate operational requirements of each business unit and the overarching objective of elevating brand awareness poses a multifaceted challenge.

The Solution

Centralized Information Hub:

To streamline BP Hotel's online presence, our team crafted an Index Page that consolidates all campaigns and website information. This user-friendly page enables customers to easily navigate through various offerings, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Moreover, it is seamlessly linked with the hotel's official website, ensuring a cohesive online experience.

Website Pop-Up Integration for Campaign Awareness:

Our team integrated campaigns with a Pop-Up on BP International's website landing page to boost awareness of their online cake shop campaign. This strategic integration maximizes visibility and engagement, capturing the attention of website visitors and driving interest in the promotional offerings.

Simplified Reservation with Online Booking System (Click2Book):

For Cafe By The Park, BP Hotel's restaurant, we implemented Click2Book to simplify the reservation process. The intuitive Calendar Booking Process empowers customers to easily book and make direct payments, securing their reservations efficiently and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Dynamic Pricing Management:

Click2Book successfully navigated the complexity of Cafe By The Park's lunch and dinner buffet pricing, considering variations for regular days, weekends, and public holidays. This dynamic pricing feature ensures error-free transactions and convenience for customers, who can effortlessly check pricing details for different periods.

Seamless Cake Shop Promotion with Order Management System (Click2Shop):

Utilizing Click2Shop, BP International effectively promotes its Cake Shop. Customers can access a dedicated link to choose their preferred cakes and complete payments through various methods, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience that enhances the visibility and profitability of the Cake Shop.

Custom Greetings and Pick-Up Periods:

Through the implementation of custom forms, BP International allows customers to insert personalized greetings for their cakes. Additionally, customers can choose convenient pick-up periods, providing a tailored and flexible experience that aligns with their preferences.

Marketing Consent for Targeted Communication:

BP International implemented a marketing consent mechanism, enabling them to collect consent from customers for targeted marketing messages. This not only enhances customer engagement but also helps in avoiding spam, ensuring a respectful and permission-based approach to communication.