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Max Mara

Max Mara's Journey to Online Sales

Revolutionising Easy Payments with Click2Shop

The Result

HKD 10000000 +

Total revenue generated from KlikNRoll system in 2021

1200 +

Total orders generated in 2021


Max Mara, a renowned fashion clothes seller, successfully tackled the challenges of transitioning from offline to online sales. By adopting the E-Commerce online store system (Click2Shop), they improved their digital marketing efforts and facilitated online transactions. The system allowed for enhanced product showcasing, simplified payment processes, and provided detailed product information to customers. With the ability to consolidate transaction records, Max Mara gained valuable customer insights for targeted CRM strategies. Through their adaptation to the digital landscape, Max Mara effectively met customer needs and strengthened their brand presence.


Max Mara, a renowned fashion clothes seller, primarily operated through offline stores before the pandemic hit. As the pandemic severely impacted their business, they needed to transition to an online business model. However, due to the high-end and luxurious nature of their products, they faced challenges in implementing digital marketing strategies and facilitating online transactions. Despite active communication and product advertising via WeChat, customers were hesitant to make purchases due to complicated product variants and difficulties in making online payments within the WeChat platform.

The Solution

Click2Shop Campaign Pages for Enhanced Product Showcasing:

Max Mara implemented the E-Commerce store solution (Click2Shop), creating campaign pages for seamless product showcasing and sharing via links. These pages offered a user-friendly payment gateway, enabling customers to make direct payments. The goal was to enhance the online shopping experience and streamline the process for Max Mara's customers.

Streamlined Payment Process and Detailed Product Information:

The Click2Shop system streamlined Max Mara's payment process and provided comprehensive product information. Customers had a simplified payment experience, access to clear product details, and the ability to choose delivery or self-pickup options during checkout.

Revenue Boost through Easy Payment Links

By implementing the Click2Shop system, Max Mara revolutionised their payment process. They introduced a seamless method where they could simply send a payment link to customers via WeChat. Customers could make quick payments by clicking the links, ensuring a smooth transaction experience. This efficient payment solution did not disrupt the communication between Max Mara and their customers, allowing them to maintain their active engagement on WeChat while enabling hassle-free payments. As a result, Max Mara experienced an increase in revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Data Collection for CRM Strategies:

Max Mara, with transactions occurring across multiple channels, had their transaction records scattered. However, by utilising the E-Commerce online store system (Click2Shop), they were able to consolidate these transaction records in one centralised location. This allowed for easier management and analysis of transaction data, enhancing their ability to understand customer behaviour and optimise their CRM strategies.