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Marco Polo

Revolutionising Operations and Boosting Revenue for Restaurants and E-commerce Store

Driving Unprecedented Revenue Growth

The Result

HKD 0 million+

Total revenue generated from campaigns in 6 months

HKD 350000 +

Impressive single buffet revenue generated from 365 transactions

200 +

Total transactions generated with E-Commerce Solution (Click2Shop)

PHP 25000 +

Expanding market reach through voucher sales for Manila & Cebu


Discover how Marco Polo Hotel overcame complex challenges and achieved remarkable results with the innovative solution of KlikNRoll. With impressive sales numbers and an extended market reach, Marco Polo Hotel sets a new standard for operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.


Marco Polo Hotel faces numerous challenges in its operations. The sheer abundance of products and multiple regions make management a daunting task. Moreover, the hotel's diverse range of product types adds to the complexity. Particularly troublesome is the convoluted and inconvenient process of redeeming vouchers, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by Marco Polo Hotel.

The Solution

Intelligently Designed Index Page for Streamlined Campaign Management:

The KlikNRoll system can generate an index page specifically designed to simplify the campaign management of each individual offering. This central hub ensures efficient campaign coordination and helps overcome the mentioned challenges.

Through this index page, customers can conveniently navigate and explore various campaigns, landing pages (such as rooms, gifts, highlights, etc.), and branches all in one place. This allows them to avoid confusion and streamline coordination on their website using just a single link.

Pop-Up Implementation for Increased Sales and Awareness:

In addition to the aforementioned challenges, Marco Polo Hotel adopts the use of pop-ups to drive sales and increase awareness among potential customers. These pop-ups serve as effective marketing tools to attract and engage the target audience.

Customer-Friendly Voucher Campaign with QR Code Redemption (Click2Redeem):

To enhance the redemption process, Marco Polo Hotel introduces a customer-friendly voucher campaign for hotel and dining promotions. This campaign incorporates the use of QR codes or Click2Redeem, E-Voucher system, allowing customers to seamlessly redeem their vouchers and enjoy the associated benefits. Restaurants can also conveniently record and track voucher redemptions using the QR code redemption system through simple scanning.

This voucher campaign management system enhances both the efficiency of the redemption process and the overall customer experience.

Expanding Revenue Streams with Click2Shop, the ecommerce provider:

To expand their revenue streams, Marco Polo Hotel effortlessly sells delectable cakes and delightful gifts such as chocolates, cookies and pudding through Click2Shop, the ecommerce online store system. This innovative solution offers flexible discounts and price adjustments, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

This E-Commerce solution system has the ability to create multiple targeted E-Commerce campaigns to sell their products, providing customers with precise information. Moreover, customers are given the option to choose their preferred date and address for product pickup using the system. Additionally, the payment process is made convenient, and customers will receive an email confirmation upon completion.

User-Friendly Click2Book, the Restaurant Reservation Management System for Efficient Buffet Bookings:

To optimise buffet bookings, Marco Polo Hotel implements Click2Book, the table booking system. This advanced system efficiently manages the reservation process, ensuring smooth operations and a seamless experience for guests.

The Click2Book online booking system enhances the management of booking availability, thereby preventing overbooking. Additionally, restaurants can optimise their revenue by efficiently filling up all available spaces. This can be effortlessly achieved by configuring quotas within the backend system.