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Make-Up at its Finest

Chantecaille's Ad-Hoc Booking Campaign

The Result

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Bookings Achieved in Less than 8 Months

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Effective Management Across 7 Branches


Chantecaille, a prominent makeup retail brand, faced challenges in managing bookings and enhancing customer engagement despite having an E-Commerce platform. Through strategic implementation, we introduced innovative solutions that streamlined the booking process, simplified branch selection, and improved data accuracy. These enhancements not only facilitated effortless service validation but also provided valuable customer insights, ultimately boosting overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Chantecaille, a makeup retail store, aimed to launch a campaign offering makeup services to boost product promotion. Despite their E-Commerce store, they lacked a booking platform for efficient appointment management, leading to scheduling and availability issues. They required a quick setup and standalone system to manage their booking-dependent campaign.

The Solution

Simplifying Booking Option with Online Booking System (Click2Book):

Our team has integrated Chantecaille makeup services into our booking system, a process made complex by the varied durations of these services. However, Click2Book offers a clear and concise breakdown of the duration for each service, simplifying the process. Customers also have the option to choose between using Chantecaille makeup products or not by selecting different service packages.

Effortless Branch Selection and Availability Management:

As Chantecaille has multiple branches, with Click2Book, customers can choose different branches and select their desirable date with Calendar Booking. Each day and branches will have different available time slots where customers can easily have a holistic view of availability for makeup services. Click2Book simplifies the complication of branches and availability management.

OTP SMS Verification for Chantecaille Booking Process:

To initiate bookings, customers need to complete their personal information. Crucially, they must undergo OTP SMS verification to validate their identity, enhancing the accuracy of data collected.

Smoother Chantecaille Redemption with QR Code:

Customers receive a redemption QR Code upon payment. Upon arrival, this code is presented, enabling Chantecaille employees to validate bookings effortlessly and provide the intended makeup services, streamlining the redemption process. As customers booking makeup services are entitled to a free gift, Chantecaille employees can verify the free gift redemption by scanning the QR Code and match it with the campaign reward.

Enhanced CRM and Analytics Through Data Integration:

All data, including payments, services, and personal profiles, will be logged automatically in the backend system. Chantecaille can export this customer data and integrate it with their existing member data in their online store. Furthermore, they can leverage this data for analytics to gain insights into their customers, thereby enhancing their Customer Relationship Management capabilities.