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Enhancing Vaccination Administration and Customer Experience

Adore's Success with Click2Book

The Result

75 +

Total available time slots/SKU

45 +

Total vaccination and health testing conducted


Adore faced the challenge of managing their healthcare event efficiently, particularly during peak periods, to avoid overbooking and ensure a seamless process. Simplifying the vaccination administration process and enhancing the overall customer experience were essential objectives for the event's success. By addressing these challenges, Adore aimed to streamline operations, minimise disruptions, and provide a positive and hassle-free experience for attendees.


Adore encountered several challenges when organizing a healthcare event that featured vaccination and health testing services. A key concern was the need for a system that allowed customers to conveniently select branches, particularly when utilizing trucks as locations. The management of multiple services across various branches with different availability and timing posed another hurdle, necessitating measures to avoid overbooking during peak periods. It was imperative to simplify the vaccination administration process, including payment and redemption, to enhance efficiency. Moreover, effective marketing strategies were essential to attract individuals to participate in the event and a platform was needed to clarify the terms and conditions pertaining to health risks associated with the vaccination.

The Solution

Click2Book, the Online Reservation System for Online Campaign Setup:

Adore implemented the online booking system (Click2Book), to set up their campaign online, enabling customers to select branches. The system displayed vaccine availability for each branch and facilitated efficient management of different services and timings.

Ensuring Proper Time Slot Management:

With the restaurant booking system (Click2Book), Adore effectively managed daily time slots, avoiding overselling and cross-booking, which helped minimise customer complaints.

Simplified Payment Process:

Adore streamlined the payment process using the dining reservation system (Click2Book), reducing payment-related issues and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Early Bird Specials:

Adore leveraged the online restaurant reservation system (Click2Book) to set up early bird promotions, attracting more participants with special prices and increasing event awareness.

Clear Communication of Terms and Conditions:

Adore clarified the terms and conditions related to health risks associated with vaccination, providing prerequisites and responsibilities to customers.

QR Code-Based Redemption:

The E-Voucher system (Click2Redeem), feature simplified the redemption process, allowing customers to scan a QR code received on their confirmation page and email after payment. This not only improved efficiency but also reduced labour costs for Adore.